Lead Pastor Role Description



Lead Pastor General Responsibilities

  • Serve KHC as an Elder.
  • Encourage and shepherd the spiritual formation of the congregation as the lead teacher/communicator.
  • Provide directional and visionary leadership for the ministry of the church.
  • Nurture and communicate the mission of the church to all Staff, Leadership, and Laity.
  • Oversee and encourage multiplication of ministry (teaching, leadership, mission focus) by developing and empowering both the Staff and lay Leadership of the church.
  • Oversee the planning and leading of worship services.
  • Lead the staff through appropriate direction, supervision, evaluation, counsel, care, and accountability.
  • Work with fellow Elders to oversee the spiritual needs of the body and the integrity of the ministry as it relates to KHC’s values and mission.
  • Strategically represent KHC in the larger South Bay community.
  • Maintain consistent Christian testimony; stay fresh in relationship with Jesus Christ, effective with family, and creative in ministry. Maintain relational, spiritual, and professional trust with other Elders and Staff.


Lead Pastor Role Description

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