All Staff & Elder Christmas Party


We celebrated our annual all staff and elder Christmas Party last Sunday evening. The following is a letter I wrote to our staff, elders, and spouses.  I thought you might like to read it too.  What a great team!    

Dear Staff & Elders:

We have so many people who are so diligent, sacrificial — and just plain good at their jobs!  Thank you all for your sacrifice of time, energy, and resources to represent the kingdom of God in the South Bay through King’s Harbor Church.  You chose to stick around during some difficult times and I truly believe the best days are ahead (1 Cor 2:9).

Worship Leaders:  From prayerful set selection, to practice, to playing joyfully for three services (or COTB), and all the communication required to make this happen each and every week.  And you do it with such grace week after week after week.  Thanks for all you do!

Staff: You’re amazing.  We’re learning how to work together as a team.  We can do so much more as a team.  I know it can be difficult to learn new skills while your plate is full (and your heart is heavy) but you are doing it by God’s grace and power.  And it is SO great that we can laugh along the way. 

Elders:  You’ve been on board for a year now.  Thank you for your sacrificial service.  You came in with your plate piled high and you have put in countless hours of prayer, (robust) dialogue, learning, listening, thinking, reading, and growing.  It takes heat to be forged into a team and you have been willing to endure the heat for the greater good.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Spouses of all of the above:  No doubt you spend a lot of time listening.  Weird stuff happens in churches.  Thanks for listening.  Thanks too for enduring those times alone when your spouse is at a church event and you’d rather s/he be with you.  (And we get that sometimes you’re grateful for the alone time ;))  Thanks for your patient endurance — and for your prayers.

When all is said and done I see us becoming what you said you wanted — a community of active, intentional Christ followers with Mary’s heart and Martha’s hands.  Well done.

With Advent Gratitude,

Gregg (& Linda)

All Staff & Elder Christmas Party

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