Why People Get So Mad at Pastors

Excerpt from Sifted, by Wayne Cordeiro and Francis Chan (Cook, 2012)

In our well-meaning attempts to promote Christianity as the answer to everything, we sometimes over promise when we present the gospel. We want churches to be happy places, so we end each service on a high note, giving the impression that happy feelings always come from church. Or we want to help everybody we meet, so we have churches filled with broad spectrums of ministries for every conceivable need, but we end up doing many things poorly rather than fewer things well. The answer to all of this is to strip down the gospel to its essence: mankind getting right with a holy God.

With that in mind, we may need to help people understand the following truths if we want to help them develop realistic, healthy expectations about the church and the role and abilities of those in leadership:

  • Church will not always make you feel comfortable.
  • Church will not be the answer to your every need.
  • You will sometimes not like what happens at church.
  • You might leave a service unhappy once in a while, particularly if you are seeing yourself in light of God’s righteousness.
  • If you are a single person, going to church will not guarantee you a spouse.
  • Going to church will not guarantee that your children will not rebel.
  • Going to church is not the answer to all your financial problems.
  • You might not get along with everybody you meet at church.

Disappointment with God

If the ultimate solution to the disappointments our people experience is pointing them to Christ, letting him be the Great Physician in their lives [or Senior Pastor], then once we have done this, disappointment takes on a different nuance. Now, if people are disappointed, they are ultimately disappointed with God.

Family Gathering Points of Communication from Pastor Gregg and the Elders

  • Leadership Community Gatherings (LCG). We gather KHC leaders on a quarterly basis. Our emerging view of the difference between ministers and leaders is that ministers build people (training mentoring, personal discipleship, etc.) while leaders build groups of people. Like wings on a bird we need both ministers and leaders to fly straight.
  • KCH reaffirmed Mission and Values Statements are up on the Pastor’s Blog (the website will be updated soon)
  • We will have the report from our recent online survey available soon. Much of the data will be a great help for the search process (thank you to everyone who participated)
  • Reworking the doctrinal statement – Content is fine yet Elders, Staff, and TT think we could say things a bit better.
  • Search update: 1) Search Team application questionnaires have been sent to first tier of nominees, 2) We are staffing a sourcing service (Vanderbloemen Search Group) to help us engage the very best candidates.
  • Upcoming Fall Series on Mission and Vision. The staff, with elder participation and input, is seeking to simplify the way we do church. We want to do three things REALLY well – 1) Proclaim the gospel in four weekend services, 2) Invite all attendees into a Community Group to do life together, and 3) Serve God and people — both inside and outside of KHC.
  • The staff, again with elder input and participation, is working on a combination “welcome to KHC” and basic “foundations in the faith” class (KHC distinctives?) and it is very likely that we are moving toward reinstating membership at KHC.
  • Reconciliation with the former pastor. The elders have been waiting since May for the former pastor to provide the information he agreed to provide so that the reconciliation process can move forward.

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