Get to know some of the best minds in the field. Most are current while some have passed away. They range from world-class philosophers and thinkers to internet and radio apologists. But all have made an impact with their works and ministries. They are in alphabetical order. (This is not a top 50 list, and theologians and church fathers have been left out.)

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  1. Darrell Bock – Research Professor of NT Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary
  2. Ted Cabal – general editor of The Apologetics Study Bible
  3. G.K. Chesterton – famous author, philosopher, theologian, apologist
  4. Gordon Clark – Christian philosopher, apologist, and theologian.
  5. Kelly James Clark – notable philosopher of religion, author; Calvin College
  6. Steven B. Cowan – Associate director of Apologetics Resource Center; Areopagus Journal
  7. William Lane Craig – philosopher, theologian, apologist; Debater par excellence.
  8. Phil Fernandes – Christian philosopher, apologist, debater with audio resources.
  9. John Frame – Reformed Theological Seminary; reformed apologist; Van Til expert
  10. Norman Geisler – prolific author of over 70 books; Classical apologist
  11. R. Douglas Geivett – Professor of Philosophy Talbot Department of Philosophy / Biola
  12. Simon Greenleaf – legal scholar famous for his book Testimony of the Evangelists
  13. Douglas Groothuis – Christian philosopher, author, teacher
  14. Shandon L. Guthrie – philosophy, apologetics, atheism, comparative religions, ethics
  15. Craig Hazen – director of Biola’s Christian Apologetics program
  16. J.P. Holding – founded Tektonics apologetics website; author
  17. Anthony Horvath – Athanatos Christian Ministries and online Apologetics Academy
  18. Walter Kaiser – scholar, writer, educator, and distinguished Professor of Old Testament
  19. Timothy Keller – urban pastor, author and apologist
  20. Greg Koukl – apologist and president of Stand to Reason
  21. Peter Kreeft – professor of philosophy at Boston College, noted apologist
  22. John Lennox – philosopher of science, mathematician, Oxford debater of Dawkins
  23. C.S. Lewis– famous author, lecturer, apologist; Narnia books, Mere Christianity
  24. Gordon Lewis – philosopher and theologian; author of Testing Christianity’s Truth Claims
  25. Paul Little – late apologist and author noted for his simple style and easy communication
  26. Walter Martin – most famous for his Kingdom of the Cults book; the original Answer Man
  27. Josh McDowell – famous for Evidence that Demands a Verdict
  28. Alex McFarland – itinerant apologist targeting young people, teens
  29. Alister McGrath – Oxford professor of theology, author and opponent of new atheism
  30. Albert Mohler – president of SBTS, worldview cultural commentator, author, radio host
  31. John Warwick Montgomery – perhaps the most famous evidentialist apologist
  32. J.P. Moreland – Christian philosopher, noted author, apologist
  33. Ronald Nash – Professor Philosophy and Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary
  34. Scott Oliphint – Professor of Apologetics and Systematic Theology WTS
  35. Amy Orr-Ewing – Director of Training of the Zacharias Trust
  36. Alvin Plantinga – world-class philosopher; reformed epistemology, philosophy of religion
  37. Michael Ramsden – European Director of Zacharias Trust, speaker for RZIM
  38. Fazale Rana – PhD biochemist with Reasons to Believe
  39. Mark D. Roberts – pastor, author, speaker, blogger. Emphasis in NT / Gospels
  40. David Robertson – Scottish pastor famous/notorious for his Dawkins Letters
  41. Hugh Ross – astrophysicist apologist and old Earth creationist; founder Reasons to Believe
  42. Francis Schaeffer – famous late cultural apologist, author, philosopher; founder of L’Abri
  43. Mary Jo Sharp – author, apologist, debater; founder of Confident Christianity
  44. Matt Slick – founder of CARM.org with extensive apologetics encyclopedia
  45. R.C. Sproul – notable theologian, author, and classical apologist
  46. Lee Strobel – journalist famous for his Case for Christ series of books; popular apologist
  47. Dallas Willard – Christian philosopher; notable works in philosophy, discipleship
  48. Peter S. Williams – Christian philosopher; notable works countering Dawkins
  49. N.T. Wright – Archbishop of Canterbury; notable work on the resurrection
  50. Ravi Zacharias -perhaps today’s most notable international cultural apologist


  1. Perry Shields says:

    #45, R.C. Sproul, wrote an excellent eschatological book called The Last Days According to Jesus, which helped me in my journey toward Preterism.


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