Congregational Input From Summit #5


summit (sum’it) n (L. summus, highest)

The highest point; the top

A place from which to see

Congregational Summits: Creating space where we can begin to see the big picture!

Summit #5 was convened to harvest congregational input from members and attenders of KHC regarding pastoral and affiliation preferences.  What follows is the input from four table questions – two related to pastoral preferences and two related to affiliation.

An online survey is now available for you to give more specific input related to your preferences for the next Lead Pastor at KHC as well as where you currently stand on four of the non-essential theological issues that were unpacked in Summit #4.  You can access the survey here.

Pastoral Preferences

  1. What should we be most careful about in choosing our next pastor?
  • Individually and collectively in prayer about the man God is choosing for KHC.
  • Humble and approachable who love and lead us with a shepherd’s heart.
  • Humble servant leader who values the team and is willing to delegate.
  • Careful not build up our role and pastors role too much, trust God to lead us to the right person through prayer.
  • Careful to choose a man after God’s own heart.
  • Careful to find someone who is well balanced: teacher, leader, and shepherd. Has aim that this is God’s church, not his.
  • Gospel centered person with a humble spirit; submits to authority and willing to held accountable.
  • Careful to find teaches and helps us reach the community.
  • Believes knows and can communicate the word well. Humble, submissive & accountable.
  • Marriage that is already established. Reputation of knowing God and loving the word well enough to provide in depth bible teaching.
  • Believes, knows and can communicate the word. Someone who works well with people.
  • Has the pastoral essentials and is theologically sound but doesn’t have to be perfect in every way.
  • Humble, sound in his marriage. Congregation humble and open to the leading of the Lord.
  • Accountability, strong family, theology.   Not a clone of past pastors. Biblical knowledge of old and New Testament.
  • We would remain a Christ centered church and not return to being a pastor centered church.
  • Motivation of the pastor.   Age and experience matter. Integrity, transparency and delegator.
  • Careful to find a person who has a strong relationship with the Lord. Man with his priorities right.
  • Careful not to rely upon a resume. Approachable amongst conflict. Good vetting. Not an emotional decision but a prayerful one.
  1. What two personal qualities would you like to see in your pastor?
  • Authentic worshiper
  • Humble
  • Genuine effort to know people
  • Servant’s attitude
  • Good father
  • Approachable
  • Personally inclusive
  • Relational
  • Genuinely loves the Lord
  • Genuinely loves people
  • People Loving
  • Persevering
  • Approachable
  • Teachable
  • Theologically deep thinking
  • Pastoral
  • Humble
  • Self Disciplined
  • Gifted Communicator
  • Good Listener
  • Spirit Led
  • Teachable/Team Player
  • Approachable
  • Real
  • Passionate for Jesus
  • Laugh at himself
  • Joyful and has hobbies
  • Personally inclusive
  • Passionate zeal
  • Teachable
  • Shepherds Heart
  • Disciplinarian
  • Relationally trustworthy
  • Better hair than Bryan

Affiliation Options

  1. What should characterize the organization we affiliate with?
  • A gospel centered organization/network, with no affiliation fee, which possesses a strong equipping infrastructure.
  • For it to cost something to a part of creates accountability and support for our pastor.
  • Our non-negotiables are matching and freedom on the secondary issues.
  • Organization that celebrates strong leaders and strong accountability.
  • Accountability and supportive but not a directive. Willing to pay in exchange for resources.
  • Network gives accountability, full disclosure.
  • Provides strong, good oversight but doesn’t micromanage.
  • Organization that is covenantally supportive.
  • Like minded in core values, allows us to maintain our individuality. Provide pastor/leadership training.
  • Overlay our church governance and theological beliefs. Providing support and accountability.
  • Wisdom and resources that foster growth and accountability.
  • Non-controlling, theological alignment and theological consistency over a period of time.
  • Biblically sound with a good reputation.
  • Good reputation and aligned theologically. Missional.
  • Theologically tight ad a denomination or affiliation relative to the doctrines of KHC.
  • Resourceful theologically aligned network with an established track record.

4. How will a potential affiliation advance our church’s mission?

  • Depth of Resources (x 10)
  • Potentially increase our attendance
  • Experience/Ideas
  • Resources for missionaries
  • Unity with the body of Christ
  • Training/Equipping
  • Access to networking and resources
  • Establish Resources
  • Support for missionaries
  • Criteria and guidelines
  • Establishing mission trips
  • Online resources
  • Provide direction to church leadership/staff
  • Provide support for missionaries in the field
  • Networking/Experience
  • Doctrinal Accountability
  • Theological training (Love God)
  • Love people by offering training opportunities for ministering.
  • Equip and train all local leaders.
  • Better support for missionaries internationally.
  • Possible hindrance to be a part of
  • Encourage us in our mission (resources/training)
  • Help us see our blind spots before big thing happen
  • Opportunity to get benefits collectively (ie: insurance)
  • Opportunities to hear other teachers from other areas
  • Win-win being able to pull for an affiliation’s strengths, resources and infrastructure.
  • Provide scaffolding for structure, growth and safety.
  • Spur one another one.


Congregational Input From Summit #5

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