Summit #5 Notes


As Linda and I reflected on Summit #5 we both commented on a strong sense of joy that seems to be returning to KHC.  As a church we have all put a lot of work into this transition season both with lots of all-church opportunities — beginning with the diagnostic assessment, all the Family Gatherings, and five Summits since last November; as well as lots of behind the scenes leadership training and development.  KHC is squarely in God’s good hand (Nehemiah 2:18).

Following are my notes from last night’s Summit #5.  We will put up all the table talk notes in the next few days.  At the end of this post there is a link to an online survey to give further input on what you are looking for in a permanent lead pastor as well as an opportunity for you to communicate where you stand on the secondary doctrines of faith that were unpacked at Summit #4 and in an earlier blog post.  Again, your input is requested.  (And just a reminder/clarification: the essential elements of the Christian faith are those related to salvation.  “In the essentials of the faith we must have unity, in secondary issues (sometimes referred to as “nonessentials”) we have liberty, and in ALL things we must have charity.”


Summit #5 Notes

  1. INTRO – Where We Have Been
    • Transition Team assembled to accomplish deacon-type projects and tasks for the transition season (June 2015)
    • Diagnostic Assessment (Aug 2015)
    • Summit #1: Ministry Milestones (highs and lows) of every year since the church was launched in 1997 (Nov 2015)
    • New Elders ordained (Dec 2015)
    • Summit #2: KHC Core Values reaffirmed and restated (Jan 2016)
    • Summit #3: KHC Mission reaffirmed and restated (Apr 2016)
    • Summit #4: KHC Basic non-essential theological parameters reaffirmed (May 2016) (Theological essentials are the doctrines related to salvation and do not need to be reaffirmed at KHC – they are solid.)
    • Other areas of significant progress:
      1. Communication upgrades including: weekly e-News, Pastor’s Blog, consistent Family Gatherings, regular Leadership Community Gatherings (LCG’s), financial updates in the bulletin
      2. Bookstore launched with basics of the faith focus including authors like Stott, Packer, Lewis, Piper, Grudem, and Keller
      3. Staff job descriptions updated and finalized – with a shift in focus from “ministers” to “equippers” (see Eph 4:12)
      4. Middle School Director position filled by Andrew LaBree (FT)
      5. Receptionist/admin assistant position filled by Linda Barbara (PT)
      6. Financial Advisory Board (FAB) assembled
      7. Reengagement by the elders with the former pastor for the purpose of reconciliation.
      8. Created a Director of Ministry Development position to focus on effective assimilation, communication, ministry flow, and calendarizing filled by Kim Hopper (FT)
      9. Created Life Group “Champion” position filled by Kapena Cavuto (a new updated Ministry/Life Group model will launch in the Fall) (PT)
      10. New internal back-end church management software for data, calendarizing, and workflow analysis migrating to Planning Center
      11. Governance model in process to clarify the roles and relationships between the elders, lead pastor (also an elder), and staff. Policies being identified, developed, and recorded to distinguish between “ends” and “means” as well as provide both freedom and accountability to all
      12. Reception office refurbished and decorated
      13. New campus signage throughout plus flags for Lomita, Sky Park, and Garnier entry
      14. 12-week Foundations of the Faith class with Pastor John Svendsen to secure stable theological undergirding for KHC
      15. Three new projectors for the worship center (funds donated)
      16. Beginning electronic check-in in the Children’s Ministry (up and running expected by the Fall)
      17. Transition Team sub-teams created to work on: by-laws update, doctrinal statement update, affiliation options, relational reconciliation, racial conversations, local outreach and evangelism, all-church relational opportunities (picnics, beach days, etc.), discipleship pathway options.
    • KHC Core Values & Mission Reaffirmed & Restated (some wordsmithing continuing)
      1. Mission Statement:
        • We exist to bring glory to God by loving God supremely, loving people unconditionally, and making passionate disciples of Jesus in the South Bay and beyond.
        • Simply stated, we aim to: “Love God, Love People, Make Disciples”
      2. Core Values (bringing clarity to the things that matter most at KHC):
        • CULTIVATING a passionate relationship with God by glorifying God, enjoying God, and treasuring Jesus Christ above all else.
        • PROCLAIMING the good news of reconciliation with God through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit to all people.
        • REACHING out to the poor, lost, sick, broken-hearted, and marginalized in the South Bay and beyond with active love, care, and service.
        • BUILDING a strong church family that meets consistently in various small group settings to “do life” with one other.
        • Simply stated we: Cultivate, Proclaim, Reach, and Build
  2. Search Process Overview
    1. Seven Basic Stages:
      1. Form Pastoral Search Team
      2. Develop a Lead Pastor and Church Profile
      3. Strategically Place Profile To Attract the Best Candidates
      4. Evaluate Candidates
      5. Schedule Candidating Weekend for each strong candidate
      6. Seek Input/Affirmation From KHC Congregation
      7. Schedule an ordination service to “Pass the Baton”
    2. Nominations are underway – from elders, staff, and transition team
    3. Contemporary pastors are expected to have:
      • The entrepreneurial skills of Bill Gates
      • The counseling skills of Dr. Phil
      • The organizational abilities of Stephen Covey
      • The authenticity of Oprah
      • The compassion of Mother Teresa
      • The courage of William Wallace (Braveheart)
      • And the humor of Jerry Seinfeld.
    4. In a sermon around A.D. 400, famous North African bishop Augustine described a pastor’s job:

      “Disturbers are to be rebuked, the low spirited to be encouraged, the infirm to be supported, objectors confuted, the treacherous guarded against, the unskilled taught, the lazy aroused, the contentious restrained, the haughty repressed, litigants pacified, the poor relieved, the oppressed liberated, the good approved, the evil borne with, and all are to be loved.”

  1. Table Questions
    1. Pastor Preferences
      • What should we be careful about in choosing our next pastor?
      • Based on your experience, outside of preaching, what two personal qualities do you want in your pastor (e.g. fun, sober, punctual, laid back, diligent, energetic, measured, etc.)
    2. Affiliation Preferences
      • What should characterize the organization we affiliate with? (e.g. Open minded, theologically tight, directive, hands off, costs nothing to be part of it, costs something to be part of it)
      • How will a potential affiliation advance our church’s mission?
  2. Online Survey
    1. Two parts:
      • Congregational Input on Pastoral Preferences and Affiliation
      • Congregational Input on Non-Essentials of the Faith
    2. Two benefits:
      • Will help the elders to “hear” where our congregation is at concerning pastoral preferences and current theological leanings
      • Will help us put together a KHC profile for candidates
    3. Survey Link:


Summit #5 Notes

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