Family Gathering Update 5/28-29/16


By George Negrete, KHC Elder Chairman

Thank you for your presence, support, and interest in the Lord’s work here at KHC.

I am George Negrete, one of the elders appointed November 21, 2015 and I am speaking on behalf of our elder team.

I’d like to begin our time by offering a bit of background regarding what the elders have been up to.  I have an important piece of information to share with you, but before I get to that I’d like to offer what might seem to some of us boring details…

First I want to ask a few questions:

  • Anyone here as a guest – i.e., any first timers or folks fairly new to KHC in the room?
  • Anyone less than a year?
  • How about this, who’s been attending King’s Harbor since 2014?



  1. July 2014 lead pastor resigns
  2. After July 2014 several staff moved on from KHC for other positions and other parts of the country and for budget reasons some staff were let go
  3. A group of South Bay pastors joined together to form the Pastoral Advisory Committee (PAC) to provide temporary church over sight
  4. April 2015 IIP Gregg Caruso is hired to lead the transition period
  5. November 2015 five new elders appointed (having been vetted by the PAC)

By way of reminder KHC is led by a plurality of elders, in other words we are not led by one senior or lead pastor, nor are we ruled by congregational vote.

While KHC is elder led it is not elder run, the elders are volunteer members of the congregation, in our case two are retired with three still gainfully employed.

Good News:  we are volunteers without pay, the bad news is we are volunteers without pay!

This means that the day to day ministry of the church – ministry that happens seven days a week, rests in the hands of the capable KHC staff. For the time being the staff is overseen on a daily basis by IIP Gregg Caruso.

So, what have the elders been doing for six months – glad you asked! Smile

One of the items the elders have been spending time is reading. Together we have been assigned books in addition to the bible that further explain the intricacies of being an overseer.

The elders meet together with Gregg Caruso as a group at least twice monthly.

These are business meetings with agendas established by the board chairman – myself and Gregg Caruso.

As the elder chair I have started meeting with Gregg weekly to set our meeting agendas.

The focus of elders can be defined by three primary words: Doctrine, Direction, and Discipline.  We speak into – or focus on matters related to:

  • Discussions around things like the sermon series in Ephesians, Nehemiah, and 1 John
  • Matters of church Discipline
  • Direction – another word for that might be Vision, this is an area the elders plan to be more proactive in, for the past six months we believe it was necessary to devote a bit of our time through various means to looking at and hearing about KHC’s past.  We are now free to focus more on the present as well as the future.

We have read and will continue pouring over and discussing scriptures related to being an overseer, church discipline, and God’s intended design for His bride the church.

Things like Wayne Grudem’s Systematic TheologyAn Introduction to Biblical Doctrine

            *I’d Ike to share with you a short sample of it’s rich and helpful content

           This is from Part 6 Chapter 44, The Nature and Purposes Of The Church pages 867 – 868…

Now I’d like to offer you a quick overview of some data or numbers related to time invested since November. Since November 22 the elders have participated in:

  • 15 – business meetings & 1 – 24-hour retreat; all five elders and Pastor Gregg
  • 2 – meetings with all staff and 1- dinner with them at Christmas – these are critical to the health of the church – we want to strengthen, encourage and hear from staff
  • 3 – elder led prayer and worship hours – all are welcome first Sunday of the month 6:30 – 7:30pm – come one come all – it’s casual – join us as we join the Lord in what He’s doing at KHC and in the South Bay.
  • 3 – Family Gatherings & 3 – LCG’s – we attend all of these as well as the Summits – please sign up for next Sunday’s Summit 5 – more about that in a minute
  • 15 – individual meetings with people in the congregation – we meet with a minimum of two elders at a time
  • 7 – meetings specifically related to fact finding for the purpose of reconciliation with Chris (and Anne) Cannon.

Our very first meeting we were handed the KHC 2016 budget to review!

Thankfully Bryan Collins had already invested several hours and his financial committee had already done pre work for us – by December 31 we had an answer and January 1 the newly approved budget was applied. Just last week Bryan presented us with a quarterly financial up date.

Anyone with a middle schooler in the house?

KHC recruited, interviewed, prayed and hired Andrew LaBree as the new Middle School director.

We’ve also had input into the staffing a part time temporary staff person Kapena Cavuto to organize and train life groups and LG leaders, Elder Dennis Fevergeon who has an M.Div degree with a specialization in small group ministry is working with Kapena, Gregg, Bryan, and Kim to upgrade our small groups.

Anyone here been to the Foundations of the Faith classes? They have been fantastic!

Through the surveys KHC asked for training in theology, Pastor John Svendsen is taking us on a rich journey through various key teachings of scripture.

Please join us on Thursdays for any one of or all five of the next six classes right here in the Harbor Room as we find out not only what we believe, but why we believe it

The great class – Perspectives of the World Christian Movement was hosted here and overseen again – in the world of global missions this is a perimeter piece of opening eyes to God’s great plan of salvation from Genesis to Revelation.

We have teams forming for short term outreaches to Mississippi, Puerto Escondido, and Royal Family Kids Camp…and VBS is coming at the end of June!

The elders are in no way taking credit for these things, we just want you to hear about some of the key things that are happening, sometimes we can get fixed on a glass half empty.

Every week children’s ministry, student ministry, COTB, prayer…


Since taking office in November 2015 the new elders have been discussing and praying together seeking the Lord for what’s best and TIMELY for KHC, many of you have been doing the same, and we thank you for that.

As I mentioned, the elders have had multiple meetings for discussion and prayer.  We’ve waited on the Lord while also attending LCG’s and FG’s and the four Summits. We’ve tried to do our best to hear and understand your ideas and criticisms. We’ve read and responded to a number of email inquiries regarding various concerns people have about past and present issues at KHC.  In several cases we’ve held one to two hour meetings while hearing from you.

The elders have done this out of love for God and respect for His church.  In light of King Harbor’s recent past and subsequent season of transition the elders want to be extremely careful to listen and not rush while God is working out all things for the good of His people at KHC.

We know intimately the feelings of fatigue and the desire many of you have to leave the past behind and get on with the future.  We assure you that there has been and is a process going on – we are not idle, we realize we are responsible to God to shepherd His flock.  The elders are committed to being faithful to God in our calling as overseers and we are committed to serving you.

Having said that it is my job today is to share with you that the elders, along with Pastor Gregg Caruso, believe that it’s time to move KHC forward.  We are planning a pivot.  Next Sunday’s Summit #5 will provide a more complete announcement that KHC is ready to begin laying the groundwork for the process of finding a new permanent pastor.  The elders want to be clear that we are not announcing that we are currently searching, but that we believe that it’s time for the church to begin making plans and putting things in place for a search.

Summit #5 will introduce a two track process: one track is laying the groundwork necessary that will allow us to search for a new permanent pastor, the other track is church affiliation.

We have benefited from data gained from the diagnostic report, the Journey Wall, Values and Mission Summits and the non-essential Theological Positions Summit.  Work will continue on these and other related tasks simultaneously as we begin a careful process to form a search team.

Next Sunday at Summit #5 with your input KHC will begin to develop a profile for a permanent Lead Pastor.  Eventually KHC will have a list of non-negotiables and preferred qualities for the permanent pastor.  Summit #5 will also touch on church affiliation options.

Also next week KHC will launch an online survey that will allow you to speak into this process.

Please keep in mind that we have not started the search yet, but are only announcing that we believe it’s time to make a move to begin preparing for the methodical process of recruiting, interviewing and selecting a permanent lead pastor.

We are still committed to the process: i.e., Mission, Core Values, doctrinal statement, by-laws, governance.  The goal is that all these things will be worked on simultaneously.  The Transition Team will take on some of this work.

Next Sunday afternoon from 4-6:30pm please join us for a more detailed roll out regarding moving the church forward. You can register here.

Family Gathering Update 5/28-29/16

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