KHC Family Gatherings Update – Points of Interest (Feb 13-14)


The good hand of God is upon us! (Nehemiah 2:8)

  1. We have a reconstituted Elder Board
    • Gregg now has an approved Role Description approved by the elders and will undergo a formal review in three months
    • 2016 Budget was approved by the elders
    • The diagnostic report findings were approved by the elders
    • They are in the process of prioritizing the 12 report recommendations
    • They are also gearing up to re-engage the former pastor in the reconciliation process. He was ready to go last Aug but KHC was not
  2. All updated staff role descriptions are set to be completed by March 31st with initial staff performance reviews are to be scheduled for three months after their new role description as been approved.
  3. Transition Team Update:
    • Some members have transitioned off and we are in the process of adding new people.
    • The role of the TT is to help with admin tasks related to the ongoing Summits as well form sub-teams with others in the church to engage the recommendations from the diagnostic report
  4. We continue to update and improve our church-wide communication, including the webpage, the weekly e-news, Pastor’s Blog, regular financial updates in the bulletin, video announcements, two Summits, consistent Leadership Community Gatherings (LCG’s), and regular Family Gatherings.
  5. We are in the process of staffing a part-time paid person and volunteers in an attempt to have a live person available when people call the office from 9-2pm Mon-Fri.
  6. Kim Hopper is our Director of Ministry Development. She has had her 3-month review and will be commissioned soon. (Difference between “praying for” and commissioning – commissioning takes place when both ministry and personal objectives in the role description are in place.)
  7. Bryan has a Financial Advisory Board (FAB) in place.
  8. We have a new up-and-running Benevolence Team.
  9. Two all-church Summits have been completed: Summit 1 Journey Wall and Summit 2 Values.
  10. We now have an Human Relations (HR) Department
  11. Middle School Director is staffed with Andrew Labree
  12. Nehemiah Prayer Initiative (NPI)
  13. We are scheduling a, Foundations of the Faith class with Pastor John Svendsen, a former PAC member and pastor of the First Baptist Church in El Segundo. It will encompass three 4-week sections.
  14. Two issues that came up in Summit 2:
    • Gregg has theological concern about employing the use of the “sinner’s prayer” and/or the traditional “altar call” during weekend services. These methods are seen by some as “techniques” and are a product of 19th century revivalism and 20th century pragmatism. (Gregg does not fault pastors, evangelists, or churches who uses these as ways to evangelize, but does not see evidence in Scripture of a person being led through a sinner’s prayer where they are asked to “bow their heads, close their eyes, and repeat after me.” Nor does he see any type of altar call where sinners are called to the front of a sanctuary or stage to “make a decision for Christ.”) (Checkout Youtube: David Platt – Why “Accepting Jesus In Your Heart” Is Superstitious & Unbiblical)
    • Teaching on eschatology — Gregg believes three things:
      • The Bible is clear that Christ is coming at a time when we do not think that he will (Mat 24:36, 44; Lk 12:40)
      • Pastors need to teach and equip people to endure suffering and tribulation as a means of refining us rather than destroying us because it is during these times that God Himself walks with us in the fire – also, Jesus learned obedience through His sufferings and we will too (Heb 5:8)
      • We should, first and foremost, read Revelation devotionally not seeking to figure when Jesus is coming back.
    • In both of these issues the elders will have the final say regarding theological stance and practice.
  15. Phase 1 Signage is complete
    • Vinyl Door Signage on Main South Entrance Doors
      • Facility Hours
      • Service Times
      • Directions to Church Office Entrance
    • Vinyl Door Signage on Garnier Street Entrance
      • Church Office Hours
      • Church Phone Number
      • Directions to Worship Center Entrance
    • Vinyl Door Signage on Sonrise Chapel
    • Vinyl Door Signage on Future Church Receptionist Office
    • New Boys & Girls Signs on CM Restrooms
    • Restrooms Signage
  16. Phase 2 Signage – Completion by Easter
    • 5 Directional Signs throughout the building
    • Outdoor Signage on South Wall near CM Entrance
      • Worship Center & Harbor Room with Arrow Pointing West
    • About, Connect, Serve Acrylics for Ministry Boards
  17. Ministry Information Boards – Completion by Easter
    • 2 Boards, one in each foyer
    • Information cards/brochures for KHC ministries
  18. Updated Missionary Rolling KioskWe are currently updating our missions kiosk with current pictures, map and information. This should be ready by Easter.
  19. New KHC Receptionist Office – Completion by Easter — The new office will be located off the CM hallway and be accessible by outer west door or the door directly off of inner hallway. This will make our receptionist accessible to congregation.
  20. KHC Guest Welcome Folders — Folders containing pertinent information for KHC and contact information.
  21. KHC Outdoor Freestanding Flags – Ready by Easter — Flags that would be placed on weekends on corner of Lomita Blvd. and Skypark. Greg Riley is seeking permission from corner businesses to place on their properties for weekend services. 2 more would be placed in front of our building and 1 at the Alcoa gate entrance.
  22. KHC Weekend Hospitality Team — Currently recruiting new team members to build on our current team. February 28 we will be appreciating and training current and new team members. Our desire is to create the most welcoming and inviting environment for guests who come to KHC as well as have a plan to in place to love and serve our congregation well.
  23. KHC Security Team — KHC Staff has been trained in Active Shooter response. Currently recruiting a team to be trained for coverage at all KHC Services. Hospitality Leadership team will be trained as well.
  24. Planning Center – We recently switched from Service U to a new system called Planning Center. PC is our KHC calendar as well as reservation of rooms and resources. It allows us to organize, schedule and communicate with volunteers on all KHC teams. Sometime in near future we will be using it as our weekend service run sheet where it will give us report for everything taking place each weekend from sermon, to speaker, to worship songs and so much more. This will enable us to easily inform weekend leadership teams who will then become a resource for the congregation and guests. We are also looking to move over our entire database to PC and utilize it for giving and registrations for events.
  25. Life Group Sermon Notes and P.A.S.S. Questions — Sermon notes and PASS questions for life groups are now uploaded to the KHC main website page on Monday mornings. This format is a tool to use for discussion of sermon in KHC life group.
KHC Family Gatherings Update – Points of Interest (Feb 13-14)

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