Transition Team Update — Managing Expectations

Transition-TeamThe following update was written before last weekend’s onsite portion of the KHC diagnostic by a member of the Transition Team.  It provides excellent perspective for the season ahead of us…

When considering expectations, some things are easy. For instance, we expect today to be another beautiful sunny day in the South Bay. We would be surprised if this expectation was not met, but know that if it should rain tomorrow it is very unlikely that it would continue to do so the following day.

Some expectations are more challenging. For instance, we expect that King’s Harbor Church will continue to flourish through and beyond this current season of transition. While this expectation is more uncertain than anticipating another rain-free day, we can take solace that both the weather and the future of King’s Harbor Church are in the hands of a good and loving God.

That does not mean that the road ahead for King’s Harbor Church will be smooth or easy, as we can expect bumps along the way and we will get some bruises that will need to be healed. But we can remain confident in our hope of a better future as God directs our steps and we strive to bring Him glory by being an authentic Biblical community consisting of dedicated followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

With that in mind, what are the current expectations for the upcoming months? Our current thoughts on this subject are:

  • We expect that given the great response to the online survey, the on-site interviews occurring August 21st and 22nd will also go well and will provide additional valuable feedback to the independent diagnostic team. Your participation in the online survey and on-site interviews are both greatly appreciated.
  • We expect that the initial oral report presented to the congregation by the independent diagnostic team on the afternoon of August 23rd will be on-point, insightful, and give us some preliminary thoughts on what King’s Harbor Church does well and areas where improvement is needed.
  • We expect that 4 to 6 weeks after the initial oral report is given, that we will receive the final written report, (the Ministry Assessment Report), from the independent diagnostic team. The Ministry Assessment Report is expected to confirm most, if not all, of the findings from the initial oral report and will contain pages and pages of supporting documentation in addition to a more concise executive summary of their findings. We are thankful for the independent diagnostic team and their service to King’s Harbor Church.
  • We expect attacks from the evil one. When God is doing great things in our midst, the devil tries to distract us from doing good. In addition to attacks from outside the church, these attacks may be in the form of conflict with other church members. Change, even for the good, can be difficult unless we rest in Jesus. We have been given tools for conflict resolution, including the book Making Peace, and will also use our Reconciliation Team in this regard. We should “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8
  • We expect continued wise and Godly counsel from the Pastoral Advisory Board.
  • We are planning another King’s Harbor Church leadership meeting towards the end of September and expect this to be well attended with this opportunity being used to grow closer together as a leadership body and help launch the church into the upcoming season.
  • We expect continued great teaching and leading from Pastor Gregg as he begins a new Fall series on the book of Ephesians.
  • We expect that the Ministry Assessment Report from the independent diagnostic team will contain specific recommendations in areas where King’s Harbor Church needs to improve both from an administrative standpoint and more importantly, areas where the church should work to become closer to the Biblical community that God desires.
  • We expect the current Elder Board to finish well and that their service and sacrifice during this turbulent time in the life of King’s Harbor Church will be appropriately acknowledged and valued by the congregation. We expect everyone to understand how hard and challenging this period has been and appreciate the stresses and strains that have arisen during this period; this has not been an easy road.
  • We expect to have a reconstituted Elder Board to be in place within the next month or two. With 3 of the 5 Elders to be recommended already approved by the Pastoral Advisory Council, we continue to ask your prayers that the remaining two candidates be identified and approved as soon as possible.
  • We expect another outstanding Men’s retreat occurring October 3rd to October 5th during which time the men of King’s Harbor Church will grow closer to each other and to God.
  • We expect that while there will certainly be some discussion about the findings presented in the Ministry Assessment Report, that the congregation will humbly vote to accept these findings in their entirety during the All-Church Summit that will take place in the first half of October.
  • We expect King’s Harbor Church to begin to act upon the recommendations in the Ministry Assessment Report immediately after the All-Church Summit, and that this work will entail the effort of broad and comprehensive sections of the entire congregation.
  • We expect that the completion of the recommendations out of the Ministry Assessment Report will take time, months and maybe years, to complete. But that this effort will be extremely worthwhile, and God-honoring, as we come together as a Biblical community striving to firm up the foundation of King’s Harbor Church and work to help one another grow in their personal walk with our Savior Jesus Christ.
  • We expect that the process of choosing a permanent pastor will begin this Fall and that this will be a full and time-consuming process that will take many months to complete.
  • We expect that during the transition process we will consider affiliation with a denomination and that the Elders will continue to seek counsel from the Pastoral Advisory Council. We believe the decision on a denomination may not occur until after Interim Pastor Gregg has departed.
  • We expect Interim Pastor Gregg to remain with us until the permanent pastor is firmly in place and we expect Pastor Gregg to move on from his assignment at King’s Harbor Church on or before April of 2017, which is the end of his previously stated two-year commitment to us.
  • We expect continued changes in the administrative and pastoral staff of King’s Harbor Church as people grow, life situations change, and new needs are identified.
  • We expect that the transition of King’s Harbor Church–from where God currently has it to where He wants it to be–will continue to take a body of followers of King Jesus who are willing to lay down their differences and take up the cross of servanthood for the glory of God our Father.

That is a lot of expectations!! But we know that God can fulfill them all and are thankful to each and every one of you who call King’s Harbor Church your Biblical Community. We pray that God will to grow this body both internally and by bringing us new believers and seekers who are attracted to the sweet aroma emanating from a congregation of humble followers of Jesus Christ who continue to love and support one another in a God-honoring manner.

About the Transition Team

The King’s Harbor Church Transition Team is comprised of men and women from the congregation who represent broad and varied backgrounds and possess some administrative gifting. Interim Pastor Gregg Caruso is the head of the Transition Team, with the team having a voice and responsibilities, but not a vote. Generally speaking, the Transition Team will be assigned identified specific tasks as well as being a forum to express feedback and make suggestions. The coordination of the church diagnostic is the initial task assigned and the only active one currently being worked on by the team; the Transition Team is not affiliated with the independent diagnostic team but is responsible for insuring that the administrative needs of King’s Harbor Church related to this process, such as coordinating sign-ups for the on-site interviews, are fulfilled.

Transition Team Update — Managing Expectations

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