KHC Family Gathering – Aug 1-2 – Update Overview


  1. The Transition Team is a high functioning team and has been meeting for the last 7-weeks.
  2. Elder update
    • Initial by-laws changes: 1) Max number of elders from 7 to 5 (we’d rather start smaller and build) and 2) there is also an amendment which allows an elder to resign.
    • We have three to be recommended to the congregation and are still interviewing for the additional two.
    • The Pastor Council is looking at calling, competence, character, and chemistry.
  3. Interviewing for some staff positions
    • The word has gotten out and some are contacting us
    • Our highest priority at this time is the Middle School Pastor. (Once we identify a strong candidate I’ve ask Steve Heffernan to be willing to get some parents together to meet with the candidate.)
    • We are still getting/seeking input re: strategic staff need assessment
    • The diagnostic input may affect this with info/data re: KHC strengths and weaknesses
    • We are continuing to update job profiles for our staff
    • If you know of anyone they can email us at and we will send them a packet.
  4. Overview of the proposed relational reconciliation between former pastor and staff members.
  5. We have done and will continue to do our due diligence for all guest speakers here at KHC.
  6. Please sign-up for an interview – your input is needed!
  7. Please read Making Peace.
  8. V. 4 of Staff Guidelines is being reviewed.
  9. We will be starting a series in Ephesians this fall: Part 1 – Grace To Grow (chapters 1-3) and Part 2 – Grace To Go (chapters 4-6)
KHC Family Gathering – Aug 1-2 – Update Overview

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