Discovering Your Holy Passion


A person’s HOLY PASSION often leads them to some compel­ling action. It may be a PASSION for foster kids, unwed mothers, the poor, unbelievers, youth, politics, students, etc. This is part of God’s way of directing us to the place where we can best make our unique contri­bution.

Carefully consider the following questions to iden­tify and state your PASSION. Assume that money, time, or abilities are not an issue.

  1. What local, global, political, social, or church issues cause a strong emotional stirring in you?
  2. What kind, or group, of people do you feel most attracted to?
  3. What is the area of need that is of ultimate impor­tance to you?
  4. If you could not fail, what would you do in order to make a difference?
  5. In what area(s) of KHC’s current ministries would you like to make an impact with your life and unique gifting? OR, in what area would you like to be involved in helping start an effec­tive ministry?
  6. Conclude with a statement, or use some keywords for what you understand your PASSION to be at this time. “In light of the above I would say that I have a PASSION to…(or for…)
Discovering Your Holy Passion

One thought on “Discovering Your Holy Passion

  1. Rich Steip says:

    Re Passion questions: raise relevant thoughts in me! I will revisit this blog, agree with the wording!


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