Outline: The Sermon on the Mount


The Sermon on the Mount “describes what human life and human community look like when [we] come under the gracious rule of God”   –John Stott [1]

Jesus called His followers to be God’s called-out people in the world. Every paragraph of the Sermon on the Mount reflects our call.

  1. Matthew5:3-12 – Our character is to be completely distinct from the character which the world admires (through the counter intuitive qualities identified in the beatitudes).
  2. Matthew 5:13-16 –Our influence is like light to (spiritual) darkness and like salt to (moral) decay.
  3. Matthew 5:17-6:18 – Our righteousness must exceed the superficial righteousness of the established religious community:
    • In ethics 5:17-48
      • Murder/anger: vs. 21-26
      • Adultery/lust: vs. 27-30
      • Divorce: vs. 31-32
      • Oaths/honesty: vs. 33-37
      • Retaliation/non-retaliation: vs. 38-42
      • Hatred/Love for enemy: vs. 43-48
    • In devotion 6:1-18 
      • Giving: vs. 1-4
      • Praying: vs. 5-15
      • Fasting: vs. 16-18
    • Matthew 6:19-34 – Our ambition is to be distinctive. Though the world around us is preoccupied with material necessities, the followers of Christ must seek first God’s kingdom and (His) righteousness.
  4. Matthew 7:1-20 –Our relationships must be transformed and different from those around us.
    • With our spiritual family vs. 7:1-6
    • With our heavenly Father vs. 7:7-12
    • With our spiritual opponents vs. 7:13-23

[1] John Stott, Dale Larsen, Sandy Larsen. A Deeper Look at the Sermon on the Mount: Living Out the Way of Jesus, IVP Connect 2013:10.

Outline: The Sermon on the Mount

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