KHC Diagnostic Survey


Conducting a diagnostic survey can be a major intervention into the life of a congregation. It endeavors to provide an accurate understanding of the current situation. It is a reality check for the leadership and members. If done well it removes the misconceptions and denial that prevent clearly seeing the present ministry situation and issues that hinder ministry effectiveness. Thus, for the congregation, it requires courage and a willingness to see and embrace the revealed reality.

The diagnostic survey serves church leaders by providing information by which they can make better-informed decisions. The survey provides a framework for inquiry so that ongoing organizational learning can take place that will lead to true pro-activeness. It reveals blind spots in perception of the current situation. It helps the church to understand that the source of many problems and hindrances to effective ministry do not originate “out there” somewhere beyond our control, but rather are often the result of our own decisions or the lack thereof.

The first step in thinking strategically about the future is a clear understanding of the present. Without an accurate picture of the current situation, plans to move toward a future vision will be hindered. Confidence in leadership decisions increases when supported by relevant data.


To take the survey click on either of the graphics in this post or click here.

KHC Diagnostic Survey

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