Leadership Community Gathering — Update

LCG-1Last Sunday afternoon (5/31) we held our first “Leadership Community Gathering” (LCG).  Regular and consistent LCG’s will be aimed at taking good care of our ministry leaders here at KHC.

Below, please find two outlines:

  1. A brief description of a LCG (which will be adapted along the way to fit KHC’s vibe)
  2. My agenda items for last Sunday’s LCG

Effective LCG’s

KHC LCG’s will be scheduled for once a quarter. The main objective is to equip and train those who are currently leading at least one group of people at KHC.

1. Inspiration – This is the vision casting portion, we aim to creatively restate the the Transitional Purpose Statement of KHC:


It answers the question: Where are we going?

2. Instruction – This is the specific skill training portion; helping leaders to develop leadership skills that will be helpful in the marketplace, home, in the neighborhood, etc.  It answers the question:  How do we do this?

3. Interaction – This is the coaching por­tion, where our leaders “huddle” with other leaders to interact on three questions:

  • “How’s your relationship with Christ?
  • “How’s your relationship with your spouse?” Or, if single, “How are your most significant relationships?”
  • “How’s your ministry?”

These answer the questions: What are we doing and when are we going to do it?

4. Intercession – This is where we engage in intercession asking God to move in love and in power IN KHC and THROUGH KHC. Answers the question: Who is going to do this? (GOD!)


LCG Agenda – 5/31/15

1. Thank you for serving KHC during this transition season. My experience so far…

2. The goal is to gather KHC leaders on a regular basis with a 4-fold goal:

  • Inspire – Creative ways to restate the vision
  • Instruct – Practical Leadership Training (input encouraged)
  • Interact – Huddle groups to talk about how we’re doing
  • Intercede – Prayer for God to move IN and THROUGH KHC

3. Transitional Vision

  • KHC Transitional Purpose Statement
  • Our gospel-centered focus

4. Housekeeping items:

  • All Church Fast coming up
  • New City Catechism
  • Books (we would like to stay foundational at this point):
    • Making Peace
    • Gospel Centered Teaching
  • Elder update
  • Transition Team update
  • Diagnostic update (Mike Barker – also Mike Koval, Greg Raasch, Ron Chan, Barry Felis)

5. What a Tier 3 diagnostic would look like…

6. Two leadership principles moving forward:

  • Ministers build people and leaders build groups of people.  We need both at KHC — they’re like wings on a bird, we need both to fly straight!
  • Moving toward a Team Ministry concept at KHC for ALL ministries.

7. Leadership training curriculum input…

8. Huddle Group Q’s:

  • How’s your relationship with Jesus?
  • How’s your relationship with your spouse (or committed relationships)?
  • How’s your ministry

9. Intercession plan: Prayer is not as much about trying to get God to do what we think He should do, as it is about changing our hearts to want what He already wants.

  • Pray for the other churches in the South Bay.
  • Refrain from petition and simply offer up thanksgiving and gratitude for what God is doing here at KHC.
  • Personal prayer for those who have a specific need right now.
Leadership Community Gathering — Update

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