FYI: Transition Team Info & Application


At KHC we are currently interviewing for a Transition Team (TT). The TT is a temporary servant-leadership team, most of whom were nominated by staff and elders – and will be affirmed by Intentional Interim Pastor Gregg Caruso after personal interviews.  This team of 7-12 individuals will come alongside the Staff as the Elder Team is being reconstituted to help guide us through this transitional season in our church. This team of trusted servants with administrative gifting, spiritual discernment, and a willingness to further develop their leadership skills will have a “voice” but not a “vote” in our development and planning meetings. Together with the Staff and reconstituting Elders will form a unified and gospel-centered guiding coalition that will move KHC toward revitalization and God’s purposes. The work of this TT is paramount in the healing and renewal of KHC.  (It needs to be said that some of those who received this invitation and application may end up on the reconstituted Elder Board.)

Information and Interview Form For Prospective Transition Team Members

Part 1 – Information

The Transition Team will…

  • Seek to experience personal renewal and lead the church in corporate renewal.
  • Call our church back to intimacy with God and community with each other.
  • Discover, discuss, and resolve real problems honestly, respectfully, and openly.
  • Resolve conflict biblically and restore unity to our church.
  • Take action on the King’s Harbor Diagnostic Report when it has been prepared.
  • Discover and begin implementation of God’s plans and direction for our Church.
  • Prayerfully generate and guide godly change in our church.
  • Prepare the church for a successful pastoral search process (although you will not function as the Search Team).
  • Along with the Staff and reconstituted Elders plan and take part in clear, accurate, and consistent communication to the congregation.
  • Plan and Calendarize regularly scheduled all church gatherings — including 4-6 all-church summits (to re/affirm King’s Harbor values, mission, and vision, etc.), information meetings, and regular times of all-church extended worship and prayer.
  • Receive training that will empower you to do this work.

Your nomination indicates the positive impact you have had on people’s lives and the ministry at King’s Harbor. You are seen as a mature Christian, minimally exhibiting the deacon/ess qualities found in Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3.

This form provides you with the objectives of the TT and a self-evaluation process to help you evaluate your responsibilities of serving as a member of the team.

Meeting Dates and Times: The TT will meet on primarily on (TBD – Sun afternoons from 4-6pm or Mon evenings probably). This team will meet weekly or every other week for approximately three months and then we may multiply into teams to work on various aspects of KHC’s transition needs. If you are at all interested please pray and complete the Self-Evaluation and Interview form as we discern God’s leading. Thank you…

Part 2 – Nominee Self Evaluation and Interview Information

Please answer the questions candidly and honestly and return to Intentional Interim Pastor Gregg Caruso by _______________. You may hand deliver this completed form or email it to Gregg Caruso at: ____________________. If you have questions, please email Gregg Caruso.

All responses will be kept in confidence. We ask that until the process moves to a formal invitation, you keep your nomination in confidence.

Following the completion of the self-evaluation, Gregg Caruso will review the responses and Annie will contact you about scheduling an appointment. Please note that submitting this form is not an indication of a position as a member of the TT. 

Name: Date:

I have been an active participant of King’s Harbor Church since:

What has kept you here?

What are your Spiritual Gifts? (Please check any that you believe you have)

  • Teaching
  • Administration/Organizing
  • Leading
  • Serving and Helping
  • Giving
  • Evangelism
  • Exhortation/Encouragement
  • Showing Mercy
  • Faith/Stepping out believing God
  • Hospitality
  • Knowledge/Information oriented
  • Wisdom/Good Judgment
  • Other:

How have you seen validation of your spiritual gifts through ministry?

Please indicate and evaluate your personal strengths and weaknesses…

Some of my strengths are:

Some of my weaknesses are:

Do you think you will be able to give objective input and be open and honest in your relationships with other members of the TT? Please answer and expand…

Do you think you would be able to have respectful and humble dialogue with those who may have a different theological position on the secondary (or, non-essential) issues of Scripture? Please answer and expand…

God is beginning a restoration process at King’s Harbor. The TT will be an integral part in this restoration.   Can you work toward reconciliation of all relationships: spiritually, mentally, and emotionally?

How do you think you might be able to assist in this process:

  • I would accept the nomination
  • I would decline the nomination

If you decline, would you please provide your reason(s)?

Regardless of your decision whether to continue with the process or not, thank you for the impact you are having on people at King’s Harbor in order to be nominated for a position on the TT.

Would you please pray with us that God would rise up and prepare men and women for this vital restoration ministry within our church?

What lies in the future will be determined by God’s intervention, His grace, His guidance and everyone’s heartfelt submission to Him, claiming His Lordship.

Thank you for your thoughtful and prayerful consideration.

FYI: Transition Team Info & Application

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