Cause, Community, Corporation: A Paradigm for Church Life

There is an administrative and business side to every church that includes organizational development as well as strategic planning.  Healthy, vital churches handle these aspects well and unhealthy churches do not.  Churches have core values, a specific mission and vision; as well as assets to manage, metrics to track, employees to pay, and members who rightfully demand accountability for their financial contributions. The administrative and business side of church leadership is a biblical concept; Jesus taught at length about money matters and His traveling band of apostles had financial affairs, managed by a treasurer.

One way to think about the administrative and business sides of church is: “Placing administration around God’s vision and calling of a local church.”

Strategic Planning In A Local Church

Strategic planning (or mapping) is learning to anticipate the random, changing needs of the next generation and developing ministries to meet those needs before the needs arise. Strategic mapping is learning to identify the routes to the future and avoiding the detours and side roads that do not position us to be effective in the future. It is the ability to understand the clues to the future and place ourselves at the major intersections of the future instead of being stranded on some dead end trail.

Organizational Development

Organizational development (OD) is a deliberately planned, church-wide effort to increase a church’s effectiveness and efficiency and to empower the church to achieve its strategic mission and goals.

The following is a paradigm for church life.  The objective is to keep the three key components in a healthy tension and balance…



Most churches are not in balance…

  • Conflict comes from people attempting to have a conversation from different circles. Understand your organizational (corporate) tendency; your personal (community) inclination; and your passion (cause) for ministry.
  • Learn to celebrate the differences of those around you! There is unity in our diversity.
Cause, Community, Corporation: A Paradigm for Church Life

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